Greasy Rock n Roll

Welcome to the virtual home of LIVEWIRE

Gig Guide


We are a 4 piece Rock covers band based in North Essex. We are not an AC/DC tribute band. Please do not confuse use with any other band of similar name. We do enjoy ripping out the odd cover of Highway to Hell or our signature tune Livewire, but click on the "About LIVEWIRE" link to find out more about us and to check out the range of bands we cover.

You can also visit our other virtual home at -


The music is what it࡬l about for us, we play classic rock and blues in our own inimitable style we like to call ⥡sy Rock n Roll쯺p>

Click the LIVEWIRE logo on any page to return to here

If you want to contact us, for bookings, requests or feedback, click the link below....

Thanks a lot.

Adie, James, Scott and Paul

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